What Is RankStar?

RankStar is a mobile app that lets you know what your friends recommend and it also lets your friends know what you recommend. See which businesses are most recommended and recommend businesses you like no matter where you go. RankStar is the fastest, simplest and most effective way to find out which businesses are the best. No reviews, no complications, no discussion, no analysis. Only the best businesses. Recommended by you, your friends, family and other trustworthy people.


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When creating the app we followed a recipe that included 10 ounces of cool, 100 grams of simple, 5 tablespoons of attractive, pinch of unique, dash of fun, a gallon of effective and then on the top of it all we added a bit of our secret ingredient. We put our cake in the oven, developed it at 100 celsius of love towards what we do and viola - out came RankStar app as you see it today.

About us

RankStar started as a simple website called TheInfostar in 2012. The website offered information about businesses located in the region of Medjimurje in Croatia. Throughout the years the project evolved, failed, changed, improved, failed again, team members changed and the whole thing was shot down for a while until in 2014 with few friends and professional athletes backed up the idea about a project that would, in the simplest possible way, let friends recommend good stuff to each other within few seconds. Shortly after a company was started in San Francisco, California and few other athletes joined in as investors. With some capital and a registered business we started developing our first mobile app which had a lot of deficiencies and eventually led to another failure after which we devoted a lot of time and money to talking to people and businesses, doing a lot of analysis and just paying attention to what was going on in the social media market. It took us a lot of time, work, researches, money and people to finally come to the idea which is today called RankStar. Few smaller version were released before in the beginning of 2017 we released the full version of RankStar which started gaining traction in Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Cyprus, Denmark and Spain. Today RankStar is also covering and offering results about recommended business in Malaysia, Russia, England and Iran.

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The idea of RankStar is to be the app you open when you quickly want to find out whats best around you or where you intend to go. It is the app you use when you want to see what a friend of yours recommends or when you like a place you want to recommend and let you friends know "Hey, you should really go here".

Everything what your friends recommend in one place. With each recommendation added and all recommendations combined RankStar represents the vision of an app showing you the best and most recommended businesses....everywhere.

Our Expert Team

6 wonderful people, 6 different positions, 6 amazing talents is what creates the RankStar team. None of us working, 6 of us doing, developing, creating and using years of experience to give you an app that will redefine an entire market.

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Thousands of users worldwide are now using RankStar and what matters to us most is that they get the use out of it that RankStar was intended for. Check out what some of them think about our app.


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